City Point National Park
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Location: City Point, VA (part of Petersburg National Battle Park)
Dates: N/A
Union Commander:  Ulysses S. Grant, Lieutenant General
Confederate Commander:  N/A

Battle Summary:
While no battle ever took place at City Point, it was the site of Lieutenant General U.S. Grant's headquarters, during the siege of Petersburg.

After maneuvering around Lee's right flank, at Cold Harbor, U.S. Grant made a spectacular crossing of the James River in June 1864.  The pontoon bridge, used to cross the Chickahominy River was the longest ever used, stretching over 1,200 feet.

Grant chose to cross the James as Petersburg was a strategically located position, south of Richmond and on the James and Appomattox Rivers.  In choosing to have his headquarters at City Point, Grant recognized the significance of having railroads, and rivers, close by.  City Point was situated eight miles behind the trenches of Petersburg, and would prove very useful in supplying his huge army and caring for wounded. 

Several important meetings happened at City Point, the most important being with Lincoln, Grant, Sherman and Admiral Porter.  In this meeting, in late March, Lincoln explained his desire to let them down easy.  He did not want to see mass hangings or more blood shed, after the war.  Lincoln believed that the best way to heal his country was to welcome the south back into the United States and let her men go home to work the fields.  This important meeting set the tone for the terms Grant offered Lee at Appomattox Court House two weeks later.   Close Window