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George G. Meade

Date of Birth:      December 31, 1815
Hometown:         Cadiz, Spain
Education:           West Point, 1835
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  Major General

Date of Death:     November 6, 1872
Place of Death:    Philadelphia, PA
Buried At:           Philadelphia, PA

Major Battles:        Peninsula Campaign, Seven Days, Second Manassas, South Mountain, Antietam Campaign, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Overland Campaign, Siege of Petersburg, Appomattox Campaign

Interesting Fact(s):    Meade's first campaign, during the Civil War, was McClellan's Peninsula Campaign, and the retreat during the Seven Days.  At the Battle of Glendale, he would be severely wounded, simultaneously, in two places.  Meade would be promoted to overall command, of the Army of the Potomac, on June 28, 1863, immediately prior to Gettysburg.  Meade would enjoy a victory, at Gettysburg, and would remain in overall command, of the Army of the Potomac, through the end of the Civil War.

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