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John Pope

Date of Birth:      March 16,1822
Hometown:         Louisville, KY
Education:           West Point, 1842
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  Major General

Date of Death:     September 23, 1892
Place of Death:    Sandusky, OH
Buried At:           St. Louis, MO

Major Battles:        Battle of Madrid, Island 10, Siege of Corinth, Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas

Interesting Fact(s):    Pope is a collateral descendent of George Washington, and was related to Mary Todd Lincoln, through marriage.  Pope was a successful western general, and had led troops at Island 10, that would open the upper Mississippi River, for the Union.  Pope's aggressiveness caused Lincoln to bring him east, to lead the new Army of Virginia.  His first taste of battle, in the east, would be at Cedar Mountain, and would be led by his lieutenant, US Major General Nathanial BanksBanks would be severely repulsed by CS Major General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.  Consolidating his army, at Manassas Junction, Pope hoped to draw Jackson out for a fight in the open, while Jackson's Corps was separated from the rest of Robert E. Lee's Army.  Unfortunately, Lee was able to reunite his army, and dealt Pope a staggering defeat, on the same ground that Irvin McDowell's army was defeated a year earlier.  After Second Manassas, Pope would blame George B. McClellan, Fitz John Porter and others, for his defeat.  Lincoln, unpleased with Pope's performance, would send him west, to Minnesota, to fight a Sioux uprising.  This effectively ended his short career in the Civil War army.

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