About my guitars...

I play acoustic flat top guitars made by C.F. Martin and Huss and Dalton.  To learn more about my guitars click here.

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Personal File:

Name: Michael "Mike" Noirot

Bio: I grew up in the Central Illinois farming community, of Dunlap.  Growing up, I played sports, tinkered with cars and enjoyed photography.  While I did well in school, I did not become passionate about history until my early 30's.

I have built a large library, of books on early America, politics and the Civil War.  I am an avid reader.  Fortunately, I have had plenty of opportunities to travel, over the years, and have been to most of the Civil War battlefields.  I work while I travel, so more often than not, I am up, in the middle of the night, to get sunrise pictures, or I will be out until well after dark, exploring Civil War battlefields.

I have other hobbies, and passions, that I really enjoy.  Number one on the list would be guitar.  I play my guitars on a regular basis, and enjoy the Bluegrass, and Contemporary Christian (CCM) genres.  I play a style of guitar, called FLATPICKING, where using a flat pick, you play lead solos, similar to the way a fiddle would have been played during the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Laura, my wife, and I also enjoy scuba diving, travel and spending time at our property, in the country.  Lastly, we spend as much time with our families, as possible.  Thanks for stopping by. - Michael Noirot








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