Confederate cannon on West Confederate Avenue.


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Battle of Gettysburg

Location: Gettysburg, PA
Dates: July 1, 1863 - July 3, 1863
Union Commander:  G. Gordon Meade, Major General
Confederate Commander:  Robert E. Lee, General

Battle Summary:
After a monumental victory, at Chancellorsville, VA, Robert E. Lee determined to take the war to his enemy.  As in the Maryland Campaign, terminating at Antietam, the strategy for moving north was simple - win a war on northern soil, destroying the north's will-to-fight, and relieve the pressure on Virginia, which had fed her troops for the better part of 2 1/2 years.  It was Lee's hope to feed and cloth his men, in the north, sweep into Harrisburg, and possibly on to Baltimore...   More>>>>











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