Currently, I own three guitars.  They are all of the "Dreadnought" size, meaning they are a larger, deeper bodied guitar.  These body styles typically have a deeper tone, with an emphasis on the low to mid-range.  They are very popular for Bluegrass as they have more volume than a standard guitar and can be heard, more easily, over other instruments.

I use Elixir brand strings, in medium gauge, on all my guitars.  These are coated, for extra life.  Additionally, these strings tend to produce less unwanted noise - especially when performing slides.

C.F. Martin & Co. - HD-28V (serial number 895607)

     My Martin HD-28V was built in 2002,
     at Martin's factory in Nazareth, PA.  I
     upgraded this guitar with Waverly tuning
     machines.  These tuners are smoother
     and more accurate than the standard
     tuners.  This guitar is of Vintage design
     with scalloped bracing, East Indian
     Rosewood body and Sitka Spruce top.

     Additional modifications to this guitar     include the installation of water buffalo horn bridge plate pins and an under-saddle pick up.  The pick up I use is made by McIntyre and produces a very natural sound.  I use a L.R. Baggs Gigpro preamp and a Crate 60 watt acoustic amplifier.  Used primarily as my rhythm guitar, I play this guitar in our band, at church, using the Crate amplifier as a monitor, with an output to the sound board and PA.   See More Pictures>>>

Huss and Dalton - TD-M Custom (serial number 2159)

The Huss and Dalton, TD-M is a custom
built mahogany bodied guitar.  It has a Red
Spruce (Adirondack) top.  This is relatively new to my collection.  This guitar cuts well, in a jam, and is loud enough to be heard over other instruments, including banjos.  With a very balanced tone, this guitar is will surely be in my collection for a long time.

Huss and Dalton Musical Instruments manufacture their guitars, by hand, in Staunton, Virginia.  With attention to detail, and excellent workmanship, these guitars are like a work of art.   See More Pictures>>>

C.F. Martin & Co. - D-18GE (serial number 980381)

   Built in 2004, this C.F. Martin & Co.
   guitar was built to the same specifications,
   as the 1934 D-18.  The "GE" designation
   stands for Golden Era, and this guitar has
   a golden sound.

   Built with mahogany sides and back, it
   sports a wonderful Adirondack (Red)
   Spruce top, that is very thin, and light.
   This lightness makes it very resonate and very loud.  It cuts well in a jam and has plenty of power, in reserve.  This guitar has has a Greven pick guard installed.  Additional modifications include Water Buffalo Horn bridge pins.  See More Pictures>>>  
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