Great Gift Ideas For Camera Lovers

Finding cool gifts for the camera bug in your life might seem like an impossible task when you are trying to surprise and impress them. But, actually, finding affordable gifts for your photographer is easy to find online or in a physical store with a little specific searching. Please see the ideas below: One popular gift for a photographer is a monopod, a one-legged support for a camera. When you mount a camera on a monopod, you are lowering the center of gravity and that helps make better photos. A camera on a monopod will also help them take better photos at slower shutter speeds or with longer focal length lenses. A monopod cannot support a camera by itself, the photographer still has to hold onto the camera or monopod, but it’s still more steady than straight up holding a camera and trying to get good shots in low light without blur. Monopods are lighter and easier to carry than tripods. One amazingly useful gift if they are taking photos with their iPhone is the Power Purse, a wallet with a built in battery, that will boost their phone 110%. The Power Purse can dangle from the wrist and it has extra pockets for credit cards, cash and other small photography items. Any photographer would love a camera bag to carry all the lenses and other paraphernalia they need. A medium-sized tote has a roomy interior and extra pockets to help organize all the lenses and keep their camera safe. A side-loading camera bag would keep your camera completely safe and separate from the other items most photographers need to carry. Of course, gift cards are always welcome for any occasion. Check local camera shops, or online shops if you prefer, for gift cards. They can be easily mailed or emailed and any photographer would be delighted to have a gift card to spend on their hobby any time. Another handy gift you might want to check out is a digital photo frame. Your photos can cycle through with adjustable speed and present a moving slideshow. Many digital photo frames will include 600 x 800 resolution. There are other bells and whistles – clock, calendar, rotation, split screen, adjustable speeds, motion detector, etc. A camera rain cover would be a valuable gift for a photographer that loves outdoor shooting. Storms can create outstanding photos but will drench a camera in a downpour. Online and physical camera stores have camera rain covers. Know that they can be pricey. Editing your photos can be a tricky event if you don’t know all the keyboard shortcuts to make your editing tasks easier and faster. Those keyboard shortcuts can be difficult. Keyboard shortcuts are commonly called “skins” and are available for Apple, Bluetooth wireless keyboards, MacBook and Photoshop. The “skins” are molded to fit Apple keyboards and they fit both US and UK versions of the Apple keyboards. New techniques and camera equipment are available constantly. Start with these ideas when it’s time to give your favorite photographer his/her next gift.


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