How To Take Better Pictures of Your Children

Children can be a fun, yet challenging, subject to photograph. Every child reacts differently to the camera. Some love it and ham it up at every opportunity, while others want to run away and forget they ever saw it. Here are some ideas to help your kid shoot go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Relax. It’s easy to get nervous before photographing children because they can be unpredictable. If you’re anxious, the child will pick up on it. Relax and let your happiness show through. That way both the parent and child will be calm around you, and you’ll all be pleased with the results. Even if the child misbehaves or cries, you can get some great photos if you’re paying attention. If you’re fun to be around, the child will be too. Be flexible. You may end up with a child who wants to do nothing more than play with his monster trucks. Go with it. Let him play and take action shots of him scooting across the floor saying, “Vroom!” Brush up on your repertoire of goofy faces and funny noises. Kids love unusual noises and funny faces. Let your goofy side out when photographing kids. The shoot will go faster and smoother, and everyone will be happy and laughing. Let the parents set the shoot time. Parents know when their children are likely to be less tired, have full tummies, and be in a good mood. And that’s exactly what you want—a child who is feeling good and ready to be photographed. Take some time to get to know the child. Don’t be a stranger. Whether you do it at booking or right before the shoot, take a little time to get to know the child. Cultivate his or her trust and show how fun you are. Have plenty of props handy. Ask the parents to bring the child’s favorite toys, dolls, books, and stuffed animals. The more familiar the surroundings, the more the child will relax. Be sure to have your own props too. Kids love to explore new things, and you’re sure to get some good pics from it. Be quick on the click. Especially if you have an active child as your subject, you may need to take 20 photos to get one good one. Let the child do his or her thing and just click away. You’ll have plenty of pics to choose from, and the parents will treasure the action shots you get. The best advice for photographing children is to roll with the tide. The best children’s photos are those candid shots where they’re just being their happy, magical little selves. If you can step back and let them do that, you’ll be the most sought-after kids’ photographer in town.


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