Things to Remember When Taking Photos

It’s easy to point your camera at something that caught your eye and click the button. Yes, this makes it a photo, but is it any good? It’s not so easy to get a photo that grabs your eyes and makes you proud. So, what do you do if you are a newcomer to photography? Practice, of course, and keep these tips in mind. Choose an object you like, a simple household object... anything you might like in your house or something in your yard, like a flower, tree or a hanging birdhouse. Take several photos of your selected object. Ten photos shot from different angles would be a good set to start with. And come back to it at different times of the day because of the different lighting conditions. It doesn’t matter so much what you pick to photograph right now as it’s just practice. But do pay attention to what your results look like. You need to learn to see different shapes, colors, patterns and shadows. After a few weeks of working with different angles and colors, your perspective will change the way you see what has been right in front of you all the time. Your photos will reflect your new slant on nature or of people or objects. Try taking photos of what you are passionate about or you think is interesting. Make notes about what catches your eyes when you are in your yard, taking a walk in the woods, or simply looking out your bedroom window. Don’t be afraid to start growing your specialty, whether it is landscapes, portraits, animals or your living room furniture. All good photographers have a specialty and you will develop your own specialty sooner or later. Just keep experimenting. Don’t get wrapped up in several expensive lenses yet. Spend some time shooting everything with just one lens. Your natural creativity will become apparent and you will gradually develop composition skills. When you are not actually taking photos, study other photographers and how they present their concepts in photos. Check out how they frame objects or landscapes. Experiment with doing something similar. Take your camera everywhere you go. When you have your camera with you at all times you will develop a new photographic sense that you normally wouldn’t develop. At some time you will have to learn about how shutter speed, aperture and ISO work together and you will develop new control over your photos. Photography is a wonderful hobby. Practice, critique your work, study the art and you will keep improving. Most of all, have a good time with your camera. It’s your window to the world.


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